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Welcome to Hudson Valley Psychotherapy!

We specialize in providing  psychotherapy to children, teens and adults in a safe and welcoming space. Our approach is strength based and person centered. We want to help you learn the tools you need to live your best life!

Adult Individual Therapy
Adolescent and Teen Therapy
Clinical Supervision


Also called psychotherapy or talk therapy, individual therapy is a collaboration between patients and therapists to explore issues and learn how to manage symptoms or improve quality of life. Therapy facilitates self awareness so that patients can explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a helpful way. Concerns that may be discussed in therapy include anxiety, stress, anger, depression, relationship issues, and life transitions. 

Adolescent and teen therapy helps deal with specific emotions, navigate challenges facing adolescents, manage life stressors, and adjust to major changes. With the help of a professional, teens can identify and manage their emotions, become more self aware, and make healthier decisions.  Some key challenges therapy can help your teen with are anxiety, depression, peer pressure, social anxiety, self esteem, body image, communication skills, bullying, and life changes.

We provide clinical supervision to LMSW's and MHC's who are working towards their clinical licensure hours.

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